Septober - Treasury on Etsy!

Septober is the best time of year

Chair #2 was featured in a fun treasury here by AdeleBeeAnn recently which was incredibly flattering as well as a lovely introduction to the treasury feature of Etsy. At the heart of the treasury is people who love to curate lists. Often it's favorites grouped into interesting categories (seasons, colors, materials). I imagine it is a challenging yet fun experience, a unique blend of window shopping and artistic expression. It's also a great way to support other sellers and network within the Etsy community. I'm inspired to make my own treasury now! I'm loving the current change of seasons and might create a list of all things cozy...I would probably start with these fabulous mugs from the AdeleBeeAnn shop. They have me thinking of hot chocolate and cozy winter days :)

1967 Happy Hippy Handmade Bennington Pottery Mugs

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  1. Fantastic Sarah. Thanks so much. I'm a follower of your blog, I look forward to reading more entries. Be well, Susan from Etsy shop AdeleBeeAnn