Weekend Adventure = Rancho Penasquitos Canyon

I spent the long Labor Day weekend relaxing in San Diego. I wanted to go home to Davis for my older brother's 30th birthday but I knew the already six hour drive would be hell on a holiday weekend. After agonizing over the decision to the point where my little brother told me I was "trippin", I decided to drive two hours south and chill the f' out. Much like every weekend of this non-summer summer we spent our days covered in a thick marine layer. On Saturday I saw this as an excuse to wrap up in a blanket on the couch and watch old movies like The Graduate all day.

On Sunday I couldn't take being lazy anymore so we ventured away from the coast for some sunshine and hiking at the Rancho Penesquitos Canyon Preserve. I wish I had looked up the trail map beforehand...I was set on seeing the waterfall but we never made it. Being my first hike post knee surgery, I started to have visions of my limbs failing me and eventual death as we wandered deeper and deeper into the canyon with only a general idea of where we were. We looped back just a mile or so short of the waterfall but I still think it was a great way to spend the day and I highly recommend the spot for any fellow hiking or biking enthusiasts. 

On Monday I was happy that we managed a trip to the hardware store and I finally got some paint for Chair #2 which will be done this weekend...I'm giving myself a deadline! I have a plan and paint so it's go time!  

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