Weekend Project - Chair #2



So I was planning on using a pale blue fabric for #2, but I just wasn't in love with any of the blue options. Once my plan went out the window my lack of decision making abilities became glaringly obvious as I spent WAY too long wandering the fabric store...picking up things...putting them back...touching everything (Eric loves/hates that I do this). I finally came across this green graphic print and it just felt right. I love the shades of green and mustard yellow and how the circle print mimics the chair back. 
I'm happy to report that this chair took way less time than the first (aside from the fabric selection) which means I am learning. The gold paint was interesting to work with. It makes the wood grain of the chair pop, which I actually find quite beautiful especially in the sunlight. I could have used different techniques, but they would have been much more costly and time intensive and it just wasn't a practical approach for now but I do want to try some gilding techniques in the future. Anyways, enjoy!

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