Current Love = Instax Mini

I recently bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera. It's definitely no Polaroid, but it’s still an awesome alternative. You still get that instant gratification of instant photos with films about the size of a credit card. The regular Instax has larger pictures, and I would like to have that one as well...this one just happened to be a steal on Amazon. Ever since I got my paws on it I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to blow through the remaining film.

I've been a little lazy about blogging this week, and perhaps I am just enjoying the blank state I've been experiencing. This weekend was some sort of awesome stress release. It feels like all the worry I had been carrying around has been emptied out and given way for other more productive uses of my brain. What things? Don't know yet, but we will soon find out...I'm sure I will find other things to fixate on soon. Ha!


Weekend Adventure = Glow

Luminous Passage
Day for Night

This weekend an event called Glow was taking place right in my neighborhood. Glow is a free dusk-to-dawn biannual event featuring the work of international, national and local artists.  Glow is the only all-night art event in the United States that emphasizes the commissioning of original artwork, and projects invite active audience engagement and exploration. Seeing fine art at night at the beach is truly an amzing experience. My favorite thing was Day for Night, a 12 hour film shot at the exact location during the day where the screen was set up at night. I was completely transfixed. We had the best time ever. I can't wait to do it again in 2012. Glow is a production of the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation. I LOVE MY CITY!!!!


Rooftop Bliss

On Sunday we ventured to Downtown LA for some rooftop pool action. Our friend Ingrid lives in an adorable old building downtown, I was tempted to snap some pics of her apartment it was so cute. I do believe in privacy so I resisted the urge. However, I didn't feel creepy taking pictures of the rooftop pool. It was glorious. There is just something magical about being downtown, being 12 stories up and still looking up at skyscrapers towering above you. It was hot and the pool was perfect. I loved every minute of it. 

Casxio at Club Spaceland

Checked out some live bands at Club Spaceland in Los Feliz on Saturday night. The event marked the release of Friends vs. Lovers, the first full length EP released by Casxio. Also playing was Yellow Alex and the Feelings, The Dance Party, and SeanShan. The music was fun and the crowd was loving it.

Weekend Adventure = Griffith Park

This weekend Santa Monica was cold and grey under the marine layer so Bonnie and I decided to head east to find spend the last weekend of summer in the sun. On Saturday we hit a hiking trail at Griffith Park that looped through the original abandoned site of the Los Angeles zoo. That aspect of it was creepy, and it wasn't my favorite hiking trail ever but it was a great workout. We were dying of thirst/hunger after our hike so decided to explore Los Feliz a little. We had amazing tacos at Mexico City and then grabbed some bomb peach iced teas from The Coffee Bean...it really was the most satisfying combination ever.

I have more pics from the weekend that I post later...Willow is snoring which lets me know it's past our bedtime. Goodnight!


So hot right now

Falling for winter
Chair #2 is totally on trend. I knew it was destined for greatness :) Check out the winter inspired treasury here by LylaAccessories. This weekend will technically be the last weekend of summer, but all this talk of fall and winter has me excited. See ya, lame-o non-summer summer!! It's not quite time to bust out the extra quilt for the bed but I wouldn't mind bringing some of this fall enthusiasm home. Here are some decorating ideas that aren't too holiday specific...

Decorating with branches (they fall...you pick them up...it's free!)

This book wreath would be perfect on the front door... Tutorial here!

Living with Lindsay


Septober - Treasury on Etsy!

Septober is the best time of year

Chair #2 was featured in a fun treasury here by AdeleBeeAnn recently which was incredibly flattering as well as a lovely introduction to the treasury feature of Etsy. At the heart of the treasury is people who love to curate lists. Often it's favorites grouped into interesting categories (seasons, colors, materials). I imagine it is a challenging yet fun experience, a unique blend of window shopping and artistic expression. It's also a great way to support other sellers and network within the Etsy community. I'm inspired to make my own treasury now! I'm loving the current change of seasons and might create a list of all things cozy...I would probably start with these fabulous mugs from the AdeleBeeAnn shop. They have me thinking of hot chocolate and cozy winter days :)

1967 Happy Hippy Handmade Bennington Pottery Mugs


New strength and new thoughts

The last couple of days have been emotionally draining and long. I could barely pull myself out of bed this morning. After work I forced myself to skip my usual routine and instead took a long walk with my my dog down to the beach. It's sad how rarely I actually see the beach when I live four blocks away. I made it just in time to watch the sunset...

"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts" - Eleanor Roosevelt


Goals and Lemonbars

Today I treated myself to this lovely little stack of goodies. I've been feeling proud of myself for finally getting Chair #2 done and getting a new item in the Etsy shop. For me Blush is largely an exercise in goal setting. I have a long term goal of being self employed, of making beautiful and useful things, using my hands, being creative and fulfilled. However, I'm aware that I'm really really good at telling myself I can't do things. I so often feel like I will never get to where I want to be, but when I break it down into small, manageable parts it seems less like a fantasy and more like something obtainable in this lifetime. Rewarding myself at every stage is always productive too, I think :)

In the next few weeks I want to focus on how I'm going to go about further inspiring myself and increasing my skill set. I am really interested in taking an upholstery class, but am not having an easy time finding one (which astonishes me in Los Angeles).
 I would also like to make a creative work space for myself in the apartment. There's not a lot of room, but we don't often use our dining room table, so I might modify it into a desk/work bench (which it already becomes when it's project time). Then I'd like to put up some cork board or similar type of interactive wall space where I can pin fabric swatches and magazine pages I've gathered, and various other tidbits of inspiration I've found. I think this would be a great way to focus my creative energy in between projects and further define my style.

So that's what I'm thinking...I'll keep you all posted on my progress!

The Naked and Famous

Awake when I shouldn't be. Taking my mind off things with this lovely video by Australian band The Naked and Famous


Weekend Project - Chair #2



So I was planning on using a pale blue fabric for #2, but I just wasn't in love with any of the blue options. Once my plan went out the window my lack of decision making abilities became glaringly obvious as I spent WAY too long wandering the fabric store...picking up things...putting them back...touching everything (Eric loves/hates that I do this). I finally came across this green graphic print and it just felt right. I love the shades of green and mustard yellow and how the circle print mimics the chair back. 
I'm happy to report that this chair took way less time than the first (aside from the fabric selection) which means I am learning. The gold paint was interesting to work with. It makes the wood grain of the chair pop, which I actually find quite beautiful especially in the sunlight. I could have used different techniques, but they would have been much more costly and time intensive and it just wasn't a practical approach for now but I do want to try some gilding techniques in the future. Anyways, enjoy!


Vintage Revival...Party Edition Ahoy!

For Lindsay's birthday night we commandeered the Shangrila Hotel's rooftop deck for a nautical inspired bash. If you haven't been, the drinks are tall and deck is cozy. The company was pretty fabulous as well. Can't beat a lovely beach rooftop on a September night with friends. 


Chair #1 Featured in Moncy3!

Thanks to Claudia for featuring my chair on her blog Moncy3!!! She's dreaming of my chair in her studio. That's what I do people...make dreams into reality. That is a joke. But seriously, it's awesome that someone is wishing for something I made...even more motivation to get working on #2 this weekend.

I love this card I found in her Etsy shop. Pretty mail is her business and I love me some pretty mail. I could give it to Eric in my ongoing plot to relocate him to LA....also a joke...kinda :)

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

28 years of beauty, humor, kindness and talent that will knock your socks off. And to top it off she's a better friend than a girl could ask for. Sending loads of love to my dearest friend on her birthday.

All photography by Lindsay Rosenberg...yes, she is just that amazing!! We will be celebrating in style tonight so I'm sure there will be more pics later!


Weekend Adventure = Rancho Penasquitos Canyon

I spent the long Labor Day weekend relaxing in San Diego. I wanted to go home to Davis for my older brother's 30th birthday but I knew the already six hour drive would be hell on a holiday weekend. After agonizing over the decision to the point where my little brother told me I was "trippin", I decided to drive two hours south and chill the f' out. Much like every weekend of this non-summer summer we spent our days covered in a thick marine layer. On Saturday I saw this as an excuse to wrap up in a blanket on the couch and watch old movies like The Graduate all day.

On Sunday I couldn't take being lazy anymore so we ventured away from the coast for some sunshine and hiking at the Rancho Penesquitos Canyon Preserve. I wish I had looked up the trail map beforehand...I was set on seeing the waterfall but we never made it. Being my first hike post knee surgery, I started to have visions of my limbs failing me and eventual death as we wandered deeper and deeper into the canyon with only a general idea of where we were. We looped back just a mile or so short of the waterfall but I still think it was a great way to spend the day and I highly recommend the spot for any fellow hiking or biking enthusiasts. 

On Monday I was happy that we managed a trip to the hardware store and I finally got some paint for Chair #2 which will be done this weekend...I'm giving myself a deadline! I have a plan and paint so it's go time!  


Vintage Revival...Party Edition!!

My friend M'Daya celebrated her birthday this week Prohibition style! In an ode to the Roaring 20s gangsters and flappers took over the new Basement Tavern on Main Street. It was the perfect spot, serving up bourbon specialty drinks such as Delia's Elixer that we sipped on all night. I went as a flapper. I was relieved I had this perfect drop waist dress in my closet with lace detail. I threw on some fishnets and a long beaded necklace, borrowed some shoes and a tassled shrug (thanks Lindsay!) and was set. My best friend Bonnie came as my plus one (the lovely lady pictured above). She did her best gangster impression but she can't help that she's just really really good looking (and a really amazing singer). It was a grand ol' time.


Be Present Every Day

I have been rather distracted recently with thoughts of time, or more specifically how little time we really get in this life. My grandfather passed away on Sunday. He was 97 years old and suffered from dementia in his final years. It's a relief to know he is finally at peace, yet it's difficult to come to grips with the concept of death and to see my father cope with the loss of his remaining parent. It's a heartbreaking reality that I don't want to imagine being in myself as I cannot conceive a world without my parents, the anchors to my vessel. We all think our time is endless here, but really there are no certainties about tomorrow. It's a large dose of perspective and a reminder to be present in the day, everyday.

He was loved. May he rest in peace.

One Decision Down...

So I think I have finally settled on gold gilding for Chair #2 and soft blue or beige upholstery. I found this in an old Elle Decor featuring the home of Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer’s Greek Revival home in East Hampton and can't help but swoon over the whole look. I'm not sure when I will get around to Chair #2 but at least it's a relief to have a plan in mind for when I do! I'll be busy the next 2 evenings and then there's the long holiday weekend. It would be ideal if I was going to be home in LA but I will be heading north to see family or south to see the BF (I can't make any decisions at this point in my life so really decisiveness about Chair #2 is monumental). So a lot of driving is in store no matter what, and hopefully a lot of fun as well but most likely not a lot of revival time. Ah, if only there were more hours in a day and more days in the weekend...