Happy New Year!

So it's been a while indeed, but what better time to start fresh than the new year...

I was just kinda over the whole blog/chair/revival thing in 2010...like to a point of disgust. I just felt very limited by my skills and resources, and I was not happy with any of my projects. I can't promise that 2011 will bring any renewed interest (and that's okay, right?), but I thought a post would be nice before this blog falls off into some sort of webspace oblivion.

The end of 2010 was full of holiday festivities...the parties, shopping, and traveling were all extensive, exhausting and enjoyable all at the same time. Being home for Christmas was wonderful as usual (minus the flat tire on my drive back down south and sitting on the 405 freeway late at night hoping a serial killer didn't get me) and ringing in the new year with my oldest friends in Las Vegas was something I will never forget (especially the 11 hour drive home through a blizzard). I like to maintain the privacy of my lady friends, but I've posted a few pics that sum up last weekend's adventure. Viva Las Vegas!!!
Happy New Year!!!