Goals and Lemonbars

Today I treated myself to this lovely little stack of goodies. I've been feeling proud of myself for finally getting Chair #2 done and getting a new item in the Etsy shop. For me Blush is largely an exercise in goal setting. I have a long term goal of being self employed, of making beautiful and useful things, using my hands, being creative and fulfilled. However, I'm aware that I'm really really good at telling myself I can't do things. I so often feel like I will never get to where I want to be, but when I break it down into small, manageable parts it seems less like a fantasy and more like something obtainable in this lifetime. Rewarding myself at every stage is always productive too, I think :)

In the next few weeks I want to focus on how I'm going to go about further inspiring myself and increasing my skill set. I am really interested in taking an upholstery class, but am not having an easy time finding one (which astonishes me in Los Angeles).
 I would also like to make a creative work space for myself in the apartment. There's not a lot of room, but we don't often use our dining room table, so I might modify it into a desk/work bench (which it already becomes when it's project time). Then I'd like to put up some cork board or similar type of interactive wall space where I can pin fabric swatches and magazine pages I've gathered, and various other tidbits of inspiration I've found. I think this would be a great way to focus my creative energy in between projects and further define my style.

So that's what I'm thinking...I'll keep you all posted on my progress!

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