Time for a New Camera!?

Now that I finally own (and love) my new digital Canon G11, I am still really wanting to invest in an SLR. I could have bought a low-end digital SLR for the same cost as my point-and-shoot G11 but decided the smaller size of the G11 and video capabilities ultimately made it a better first-time camera purchase. I wanted something I could easily carry so that I wouldn't ever have an excuse to leave my camera at home. I love my G11, but now I'm still aching for an SLR...and instead of considering a budget busting D-SLR what I REALLY want is a vintage film SLR. I've been doing some research and the Canon 35mm AE-1 seems to be a good choice. More than five million were sold back in the 1970-1980s so there are a lot that are hanging around pawn shops, goodwill and reasonably priced online. I'm sure there are some other great options as well...I plan on buying one soon and giving film a try! 

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